Monday, 1 April 2013

Move over Kate Moss!

This is Rosa

She is my new muse.  Rosa is a natural in front of the camera and a happy recipient of my sewing.  She is adorable and I'm sure that Kate M is relieved that Rosa is only 4 and child labour is illegal...

My 'thing' is sewing children's clothing.  The clothing can be bright and fun.  (After all, how many 40 year olds do you know who could get away with wearing that Barbie pink skirt and those matching shoes?!?)  As an added bonus, kids' clothes are usually much quicker to make than items sewn for me (groan), and it is possible to try things that you might not otherwise try - particularly if the material is expensive because you only need a small amount for a little person.     

I read a lot of sewing blogs and I have figured out that the best ones have lots of cute kids wearing funky outfits rather than fuzzy pictures of a handful of completed outfits.  Hardly very interesting ... and probably the reason so few people bothered to read my blog except for some folk in Russia.  

So I put the call out for a model and look who turned up!  How lucky am I?

Rosa wears Ottobre t-shirt (19) from 3/2011.  Size 98cm.  Model's own pants.  

The fabric is a cotton elastane jersey I purchased from the Ottobre etsy store.  I loved the retro look of the crochet granny squares and it reminded me of the "tank tops" we wore as kids.  Luckily for Rosa, retro is cool and so is crochet. 

I have also recently become obsessed with Oliver + S patterns.  For some reason I have decided I am going to make all of the patterns.  By my count there are currently 34 patterns and about 50 items...  So far, I have made 14 of the individual pieces (some multiple times) and here is one of them on Rosa:

This skirt is the hula hoop skirt


model's own t-shirt, necklace and shoes

It is a reversible skirt, with a "flippy flounce".  I chose two pink and white dotted fabric from the same colour range but with different sized white dots.  It was quick to sew and appropriately rated as a single scissor pattern on the Oliver + S difficulty rating scale. 

Up next, is the music box jumper which is fast becoming a favourite of mine.



  1. Its super cute!
    I had to wait a while for my first child and my girlfriends daughter was clad from head to toe in my creations.
    xx N

  2. Your new muse is delightful. How lucky are you to have found her!
    I love the clothes. Any chance of a close up of the sewing.