Monday, 14 April 2014

KCW Part 2

I didn't get as much sewn during KCW as others did but I managed to complete another two items by the end of the weekend.

I snapped up the new Oliver + S t-shirt patterns on Friday (there's something there for everyone!) and then whipped up a long-sleeve school bus t-shirt from some plush velour I had in the stash.

size 4

back hanging wonkily

This was a simple sewing project although I fluffed around with the neck because the velour kept rolling up and moving when I was sewing it.  I probably should have followed the suggestion on the pattern to baste the neck in place but I was a bit too eager to finish and then, of course, I ended up taking quite a bit longer than I had hoped.   So, what should have taken an hour took considerably longer but I'm reasonably pleased with the finished product.  And the less-than-perfect sewing will be hidden when it is being worn

 I eventually achieved a neat neckline!

Yesterday I made a jump rope dress (view B).   The body of the dress is made from a spotted, soft corduroy - with a nice drape - that I bought at Spotlight  and I used more mustard Kona cotton for the collar and placket.  I knew that it would be impossible to get a really crisp finish on the placket if I used the corduroy so I decide to pick out one of the other fabric colours.  I was a bit undecided about making the collar in the same fabric but I checked the Flickr group and saw that people had tried all sorts of colour combinations. So, off I went…

size 4

When I showed the finished dress to my husband, he said it looked like a spotty school dress.  Hmmm, I'm not too sure what that means but I imagine this dress is the sort of thing that a group of 'darls' from an Australian sports team would wear for "dressy casual"… i.e. (way too much of) that garish yellow and green combo.  Luckily, the little girl's mum is an Aussie so she'll probably love it and hopefully she'll be reminded of the warm glow of those golden soils and boundless plains that are just across the sea….

cute little buttons from NYC in just the right shade of yellow on a straight placket (really, it is!)
pocket from main fabric to avoid yellow overload

These headed home with dad today so it will be interesting to see if he is as good with a tape measure and squirming girl as he is with a big needle and a different sort of moving target….

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I thought I would join in the fun of Kids' Clothes Week and try to sew little things for at least an hour a day this week.  I managed to do that until today.  However, I put in the hours earlier in the week - although I haven't been that productive - so I'm not feeling like I have struck out

I have only made three items this week and, perhaps predictably, all of them have been Oliver + S patterns.  For two of those items I even used the same pattern: the raglan t-shirt.

The first top I made was a simple t-shirt with a print.

size 4

I found the crown print at and used TAP paper to apply it.  It was only after I sewed up the t-shirt that I discovered that stretching the fabric wasn't such a good idea because it stretched the print.  Now, the red fabric of the crown looks old and wrinkled and some of the pearl prints have lifted off.  My solution was to order some pearl hot-fix elements from the USA and I will apply them over the top of the pearl prints when they arrive.  I'm hoping they will look like they were always meant to be part of the design

Next, another top using the raglan t-shirt pattern but this time I made a funnel-neck knit top.  In February, the Oliver + S blog ran a series on customizing the raglan t-shirt pattern.  One of the posts was on how to make a funnel neck kangaroo pocket sweatshirt and I used that little tutorial to make a top out of some Birch Organic Elk Grove knit fabric I picked up at GJ's Discount Fabrics in Melbourne.  Lightning McStitch, aka the Enabler, introduced me to this great little shop last time I was in the city and I know that the next time I am there I will be taking the tram back to Lygon Street to see what goodies they have for me!

size 5

 In the end I decided not to make the kangaroo pocket because I knew I was too lazy to try to match the print on the shirt.  I  wondered about sewing inseam pockets instead but I guess I was too lazy for that also.

 I used the flatlock stitch on my new overlocker to sew in the sleeves and I cut out about 1cm from the front neck edge on the t-shirt to be sure that this top would fit over my little friend's head.

coverstitched hems and flatlock seams

more photos of cute top

I love this fabric and I really love this pattern modification.  I'll definitely be making more of these and, knowing how easy this was, I may even try to use the basic pattern to make a little hoodie.  And I might have to make one in my size!

My third completed item for this week is a forest path cape

size 4

I don't really know what the main fabric is.  It certainly isn't a wool but it has a nice feel and drape and looks a little Chanel-like but was considerably cheaper!  I bought this fabric, the lining and the buttons from ClearIt in Melbourne

Alannah Hill lining fabric

The fabric frayed the second I looked at it and next time I use it - because I have several more metros! - I will probably overlock the edges as soon as I cut anything out.

I spent quite a bit of time making sure that the plaid pattern was matched on the two front pieces

pretty shell buttons with swirl pattern

Overall, a good result although I will probably choose an easier fabric to work with when I make this again!

What else will I do this week?  There is plenty to do:

 I have some knitting that I started on the weekend for one little lad and, hopefully, another friend will send me her kids' measurements so I can get cracking on clothing for them…