Saturday, 27 April 2013

Anyone for badminton?

This isn't quite badminton as I remember it from my schooldays but the skirts are definitely better looking than the ones we had to wear!  The Oliver + S badminton pattern is actually a skort with shorts underneath.  This is perfect for a small person who occasionally forgets to put underwear on....

I have recently made 2 of these and they are relatively easy to make.  The first skort was made out of a small floral print with contrasting floral shorts:

size 3

I used a freezer paper template to stitch the scalloped edge.  This is certainly easier to do than cutting the scalloped edge and stitching a 1/2 inch seam and I think it makes for an more accurate finish. (Have you realised how much I love freezer paper?)

The second skirt was made from a pretty Japanese cotton/linen blend Echino fabric

size 3

 I made the shorts out of a pink quilting fabric in my stash.  I also attached the hem facing with a blindstitch rather than just edgestitching because I didn't want the stitching to break up the line of the border print on the front.  (I have it on good authority that some of the stitching isn't perfect but apparently that is on the inside so hopefully it won't be too distracting!)

And here is Rosa in her badminton skort: 

Oliver + S badminton skort with Ottobre t-shirt 19 - 3/2011. 
The belt and hair decoration are Rosa's own!

I made the t-shirt from an Ottobre pattern (number 19 in 3/2011) and used 2 prints from craftyscientists at Spoonflower to make it. The front is made from Anne plays the Pipes ( and the back is The Jazz Band (  I needed less than a fat quarter of the knit fabric to make each side. 

size 98cm

 Spoonflower is a fantastic source for fabric prints that can really change a simple pattern to something that is special and unique.  After all, which little girl doesn't like a fairy?


  1. Yes, badminton skirts never looked this cute in my day. Nor were they so modest.
    The sewing looks pretty good, according to this authority.
    I love that fabric, but fairies probably won't work for this little girl (me)

  2. I love that Echino skirt. Perfect fabric/pattern match. I'm a Spoonflower junkie too. Glad to have found your blog. Will be stalking from now on!