Tuesday, 19 July 2011

a fun pink skirt

I needed to make something for the younger sister of the girl I made the coat for.  I went looking through some children's clothing websites for ideas and found a very cute but simple - and probably expensive - skirt. 

This skirt from Oobi with multiple fabric layers was my inspiration for the Ottobre skirt I made.  The pattern was from 01/2007, number 15, which goes by the very original title of "skirt with flounces". 

I used 3 different pink fabrics, and added  ric rac trim at the bottom of each flounce just like the skirt above.

This is the back view.  The front is very plain.

I omitted the pockets that were on the front panel because I didn't think they were necessary and thought this skirt was busy enough without them.  I like the plain front: it is a nice contrast to the back where all the action is. 

It was fortunate Miss K was not older because when we tried the skirt on her - with all those flounces and a cloth nappy - it was one of those "does my bum look big in this?" moments... Nevertheless, Miss K seemed to like the flounces and danced around like a little princess!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

the finished coat

I finished the coat this evening.  I decided to go with the domes/snap closures and the buttons on the front are simply there for decoration. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The contest coat

I started working on this coat on Sunday and it is almost finished.  The pattern is number 17 "Rosy Red" velveteen coat from Ottobre 6/2008.  The original coat is made out of velveteen with batting between it and the lining.  I chose to use one of the pieces of fabric I bought in Melbourne which I think is probably a wool/cashmere mix.  At any rate, it drapes beautifully and has been great to sew.  I used a patterned cotton for the lining and decided not to use batting

The buttons are not attached yet - just pinned in place - and I am undecided as to whether I make buttonholes (and risk making a mess on the front!) or sew domes on the inside instead.  I think the coat needs the buttons whatever I do.

I found some suitable domes at Fabric Vision today and they are a good size and should be easy for little hands to manage

I have added some ric rac between the centre and side front panels, along the hood edge, and on the back

(The pockets are hidden between the panel seams and under the ric rac)

I think the lining fabric complements the rest of the coat but it isn't too conservative or 'expected'

The coat needs a gentle steam and the buttons, and then it is finished.  I can't wait to see the little girl it is intended for in the coat but I suspect it will be too big for this winter but hopefully will be a good fit for next.

I have also made her a skirt  (back view).

front view

This was from a Japanese pattern book.  The book is written in Japanese but the diagramatic instructions are easy to follow.  The skirt was very easy to make, although my perfectionist tendencies meant that it took a lot longer to sew than it should have!

Presents for new babies

I finished 2 quilts for friends having babies.  The first one is the Dr Suess quilt I was working on last month

I intentionally made it wonky and I think it turned out ok.  Certainly, my friends made the appropriate comments when I gave it to them and the new mother stated that orange was her favourite colour.

I also made this couple some buntings to hang in the baby's room.  I have seen them selling for ridiculous prices in some shops and, of course, I thought "I can do that!".  These were really simple to make and it was lucky I had all of the fabric in my stash at home.  I wanted a rainbow effect with every letter of the alphabet included so I made two

I cut the triangles on the bias so that I didn't need to finish the edges, and then attached them to some bias binding. 

I also made a pink bunting for another new mum

Here is the second quilt - which morphed into something a bit bigger than I had originally intended it to be. 

I was pleased to report to my husband that apart from the backing fabric I had everything else at home..  I am sure I will be able to survive a nuclear winter (or earthquakes!?!) and continue to sew because of my well-supplied sewing room!  It pays to be prepared.

At the moment I am working on an entry for the patternreview.com Sewing for Children contest but I'll update the blog with  pictures later