Sunday, 7 April 2013

Don't sew late at night!

Let this be a lesson to you:

size 6-12M

Colleagues recently welcomed a son.  Dad is mad on sport and supports one of the New Zealand Super 14 rugby teams... but not this one!  

Late on Wednesday night I remembered I had some material from an older version of the Crusaders rugby team jersey.  Yes, I thought, I'll be a little provocative and make the happy parents an Oliver + S sailboat top for their little Crusaders' supporter. I carefully cut out the various pieces so that the stripes matched, merrily sewed away (aware that the pumpkin hour was fast approaching), found some matching snaps in my sewing room (hooray for hoarding!) and hammered them in place, took a few photos, wrapped the top with the other goodies I had crafted, and gave my friends the parcel on Thursday.

All seemed well until this morning when I realized to my horror I had placed the back panel over the front panel at the shoulder.  This is not the way the top should look.  And now I think the top looks ugly.  Grrrr.   What was I thinking?!? Why did I make such a silly and amateurish mistake?  Sewing late at night perhaps?  Deciding I was going to put snaps on instead of buttons and in my haste placing the panel which would normally have the buttons, on top?   Anyway, if you take more care than I did you won't find yourself waking in a sweat,  your heart racing, and kicking yourself for being a klutz.

I have made this top once before

Size 4

And notice the buttons: just where they are meant to be and the back panel beneath the front panel

This fabric was a remnant of white sweatshirt material that I dyed.  The buttons were bought at Buttonmania in Melbourne and match perfectly.

And I will make this top again but will definitely be more careful.

Anyway, the purpose of today's post was to write about the music box jumper dress

I first made this dress at the end of 2012 out of some Kokka fabric in a pink and beige colourway.  Interestingly, a New Zealand fashion designer, Andrea Moore, used the same fabric for a woman's shirt but I think it looks better as this dress.

Size 3

This is view B with an A-line skirt and single, inverted centre box pleat.  There are 2 flaps which I fussy cut.  The buttons are pink shell buttons.

The bodice is lined and I chose a cute fairy fabric from my stash

This is a simple pattern (another single scissor pattern from Oliver + S) and quick to sew.  The simple lines are perfect for a small child and for showing off some great fabrics

Yum, that chocolate cake was good..

And the dress makes unwrapping Christmas presents very easy

"I hope this is another music box jumper dress...."

I have made another version of this dress for Rosa.  The fabric is a vintage sheet I recently bought.  Luckily there were two sheets on sale and although they were being sold either separately or at a reduced rate for both I just knew I had to have both sheets... because you never want to get caught short....

size 4

No buttons on the flaps this time because sister N said it would look like the dress had orange nipples!  

I love this dress and, no doubt,  there will be many more of these.

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  1. Well, the snaps aren't quite right on the crusaders top but you wouldn't know it if you hadn't seen the way it should be. Not worth broken sleep over.
    Beautiful sewing