Thursday, 6 June 2013

Denim, denim everywhere... but not to be worn together

Everyone should own a little denim.  But every fashionista knows that denim tops and bottoms should never be worn together or the Matchy Matchy Police will get you!

I made the Oliver + S 2+2 blouse from a very soft and drapey denim I bought in Wellington earlier in the year.   I used a Liberty bias binding for the neck ties

and I rounded the ends of the front tab, and added some cute buttons

and used the same buttons on the back

I also used the bias binding to cover the inside where the centre front is gathered.  

Despite having a whizz bang sewing machine I hate making buttonholes!  I can't count the number of times I have had to unpick buttonhole stitching because they are not aligned... or worse still, I have just accepted wonky work.

Anyway, this time I borrowed an idea from the quilting world and marked the buttonhole placement with a fine tip pen on some Glad Press n' Seal and then laid it over the top of my blouse. And the result was nearly perfect and there was no need for the quick unpick! Yipee!!

Another denim item I recently made was the Oliver + S school photo dress.  This was the first Oliver + S pattern I ever bought but it was the first time I had used it.  

 The patterned denim came from Spotlight and also had quite a nice drape and was not too heavy.

I lined the dress with a pink bridal lining fabric

It was while I was inserting the invisible zipper that I discovered the Bernina number 35 invisible zipper foot doesn't like the YKK brand because the tape is just too thick for the groove in the foot.  Nevertheless the zipper turned out OK.   And I found a sparkly button in my tin that I thought was a good match for this dress

Finally an Ottobre pattern.  These are the pumpkin pants from the Autumn 2006  Ottobre magazine which I have wanted to make since I first saw them.  Unfortunately at the time I didn't have anyone to sew these for and then I figured there probably wouldn't be too many parents who would let their kids out with such retro, flared pants.  Luckily, Rosa's Mum likes retro.... don't you?!?

 size 104cm

The back pockets were a little awkward to make and I didn't have the stamina to make 4:  there were another 2 for the front on the original design.  So I cut the jeans pockets in the front instead of making the fancy patch pockets, and I didn't make the flaps for the pockets either.  At any rate, I am pleased with how the various pockets turned out and I have convinced myself, at least, that they are more practical this way...

Finally I used bias tape to finish the leg hem rather than doing a rolled edge as the pattern suggested. 

So some denim delights for Rosa that should never be seen out together.... 


  1. No, no you are wrong about denim being worn together. Erica B is doing it- taking the lead from many others in the fashion world- and she is a styley kind of woman so it must be okay. I think your fashion views might be a bit 1987. (Except that we wore denim + denim back then too, remember?).
    They are lovely clothes once again. Well sewn. That Rosa will be able to start her own boutique when she grows out of all these clothes and then her mum might be able to retire......!

  2. Beautiful! I love that School Photo dress and the finish of your 2+2 is divine. Mentally noting the rounded tab and bias inside finish for next time!

    1. Thanks Lightning. I really like your brown version of the school photo dress and it looks so cute on your daughter. I suspect the school photo dress appeals more to grown-ups than kids but good idea to highlight the kangaroo pouch as a special feature! Lucky you have such an interesting and unique national symbol.
      If your at all interested, there are some lovely bias bindings in a store in the Nicholas Building in Swanston St.

  3. wow! these are such gorgeous outfits! You can't ever go wrong with Oliver and S patterns, but you really put your own spin on them and elevated them to something seriously beautiful! And those flared pants are so fun! Thnx for sharing!