Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bedtime bunnies

When I was training, I worked with a woman who would suggest to parents that they get their child a bunny for being well behaved and going off to sleep nicely.  I doubt anyone did that: they probably bought their kids McDonalds instead....

But for Rosa, there are enough bunnies on these pajamas to suggest she is always well behaved, goes to bed without complaint and sleeps soundly.

And now that Rosa is a model she probably won't get out of bed unless appropriately remunerated so she obviously needs to be well attired for her time in bed. So with all of that in mind I made her the Oliver +S sleepover pajamas.


I made a size 4 top and size 3 pants.   I added a decorative braided piping along the front, on the pockets, and on the pants cuff.


 I used my fancy schmancy Clover pocket-corner-turning-thingame to make 4 perfect, rounded corners. While I was making the pockets I began to get frustrated and contemplated abandoning the pockets altogether when I suddenly remembered I had a gadget for that very purpose.


So obviously, I'm pleased with how the pockets turned out!!


And Rosa appears to like the PJ's too


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  1. These are great. Love the braid and it must be easier than those ruffles, and I'm going to have buy a pocket turning tool now!