Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Parisian chic in Petone

This is what Rosa wore today to keep out the wintry weather that has hit the country

hat and scarf Rosa's own... and what about those fantastic boots!

The pink sweat top is the hoodie I made recently from the world's second ugliest piece of fabric, and the skirt is one of the Oliver + S badminton skirts I have sewn for Rosa.  Although it is well hidden, the white t-shirt underneath is also one of my creations: another Ottobre workshop 301 t-shirt.

I whipped this little item up from a remnant sister N gave me while I was staying with her in  February 

 size 104cm

This was a fun, textured fabric which looked a little like knitting with cables and fancy ribbing

 And I cut the sleeves perpendicular to the front and back pieces to look like the cables were running down the arm

I love this pattern.  It is quick to sew and can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric choice.  

Another top I made for Rosa in the summer was the Oliver + S puppet show tunic.   I decided to try something just a little different with this item: l wanted to make the yoke in the same fabric but thought that it needed something to give it a bit of a lift....

I used a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton and made the yoke from a piece of fabric I had embroidered a floral grid pattern in a variegated thread.  I used the same thread for the topstitching

 Oops, I should have ironed a little more carefully at the yoke and front!

It was a little awkward trying to match the embroidery on the back pieces!

Luckily, I just happened to have the right buttons!  I picked these up in Melbourne a few years ago and I am really pleased with how well they go with this fabric and play along with the floral theme of the tunic.

This tunic was a bit too big for Rosa when she first wore it but hopefully she will still be able to wear it next summer.


  1. Utterly brilliant! This is my nomination for loveliest thing sewn for a kid 2013.
    You have completely redeemed yourself after the purple blogpost :)
    And, what's more, you've given me an idea for a use for my neverending spools of variegated thread. Just don't tell me there's a sewing machine I could buy to do that embroidery....
    Beautiful sewing.

    1. Thanks! High praise indeed.
      I was pleased with my first attempt at this tunic pattern and can't wait to make it again... Perhaps in purple next time!?!
      And yes, you really can buy a machine that would make beautiful embroidery with all that variegated thread you don't know what to do with. Just head back to the adoption agency where you found the overlocker.....

  2. Fabulous! Rosa looks like she is enjoying her new clothes. And I love those boots.

  3. That puppet show tunic is gorgeous. How did you do that embroidery?

    1. Suzie, I am fortunate enough to own a sewing machine with an embroidery module (Bernina 830E) and the flower is one of the inbuilt stitch patterns. I imported the basic stitch pattern into the embroidery screen, mirrored the image and connected them both, and then repeated this paired unit with the machine's endless pattern function. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc rows were repeats of the completed row. You can get an idea of what this looked like from the photo with the embroidery on the uncut piece of fabric above.

  4. such perfection! beautifully done. i give this a standing ovation!