Sunday, 26 January 2014

a bit late…

Ok, so everyone posted their recap of 2013 at the beginning of the month and, no doubt, are now into the thick of sewing and crafting for 2014.  But not me.  I have been on holiday.  I sought out fabric and craft stores in New York, California, Munich and Barcelona and packed my suitcases with goodies to use at some stage….  although it appears that I am afflicted with SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) so perhaps these overseas purchases won't get used by me after all.

At any rate, I tried to make a teeny, tiny dent into my various stashes in 2013.  I used a lot of Oliver + S patterns - including a number I hadn't sewn before:

Family reunion dress; hopscotch top; hopscotch dress; badminton skort x2; puppet show tunic; field trip raglan t-shirt; school photo dress; music box jumper

book report dress; roller skate tunic; hopscotch top; ice-cream dress; Sunday brunch a-line skirt; class picnic shorts; playdate dress; seashore sundress; Little Things to Sew backpack 

tea party sundress; croquet dress; music box jumper; art museum trousers; after school pants; music box jumper; birthday party dress; library dress; secret agent trench coat
field trip raglan t-shirt; 2+2 blouse; hopscotch skirt; field trip raglan t-shirt; sailboat top x2; family reunion tunic; firefly jacket; sailboat top

And, although there may have been a bit of Oliver & S favouritism going on, I sewed patterns from other companies too:

Ottobre creative workshop 301 Best T-shirts x 5; Pink t-shirt has sleeves from No 21 4/ 2006; Heidi & Finn ruffle bolero;  Ottobre pants No 22 4/2006; Ottobre pants No 3 1/2010; Ottobre leggings  No 23 4/2009
Swing coat from Japanese pattern book; Ottobre hoodie 16 4/2007; Ottobre Paris jacket No 30 6/2007; Ottobre No 19 3/2011; Jalie 3133; Ottobre No 6 3/2011; Spacefem Onsies from Spoonflower x 3; bastardised No 29 3/2009

I did a little quilting:
Christmas stocking Vogue 7375;Stargazey Slender Starz quilt; unfinished flower quilt (my design)

And some knitting:

big sweater little pockets; Tama x 2; explorer vest; autumn leaves

I knitted another owl jersey in July while I was at a conference but I haven't managed to sew on the last 8 buttons.  Must do that.

So a relatively productive year for me despite work commitments, conferences and holidays away from the craft barn.  No favourite but I'm nearly always pleased with the item I just finished… until I start something else.  Hopefully the majority of these items have been used - or even loved (is that too much to ask?!?) - by the people they have gone to.

And now, on with the 2014 show!


  1. Wow! There is some AMAZING sewing there - the children that get these clothes are very lucky! :-)

    1. Thanks Taryn. I've had a lot of fun making these and enjoy picking fabrics that are a little different to what the ready-to-wear clothing is made out of.

  2. Impressive. I agree those are some lucky kids. When are you going to start making adult clothes? I know someone who would live them

  3. Wow, seeing you beautiful work makes me want to go buy half those Oliver+S patterns. And that that owl jersey is divine!

    1. Thanks! I've had fun with the Oliver + S patterns and have even surprised myself by how much I have liked the clothes made using patterns I was initially uncertain about.
      The owl jersey is called owlets by Kate Davies on

  4. This is all great sewing. If only I'd read this post before the one that follows I'd be more generous in my praise ;)
    Seriously you've made some lovely clothes and while children are unpredictable beasts I'll bet the parents are delighted with what they've received.