Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Spoonflower obsession continues

I bought some Spoonflower fat quarters to make a few t-shirts for Rosa. What I didn't count on was  that Rosa has grown since I first started sewing for her and a fat quarter is barely enough to make anything that will fit her now.  But I managed to get two t-shirts sewn.

The first one is her Little Red Riding Hood t-shirt and apparently it is a hit at home.  The pattern is from Ottobre 3/2011 (number 19)

those hundred & thousand covered sweets look yummy!

Little red riding hood in autumn forest
Little red foxThe fabrics are both by bora and are the little red riding hood in autumn forest print - used for the front and back - and little red fox for the sleeves and neck binding.

The fox material is, well, foxy and I may have to order some more especially as fox prints are 'in' this year.

Unfortunately the photos of the t-shirt don't really show the colours very well. 

neck binding attached with coverstitch binder

This t-shirt was clearly a winner but I struggled with what to do with the other fabric because I didn't have quite enough fabric to make even a t-shirt.  

ice, ice baby

So I took a look in my wardrobe and discovered that a number of my own t-shirts had woven fabric elements (e.g. neck binding, sleeves etc).  So I borrowed that idea and this is what I came up with

back view

I found a georgette scrap in a box in the garage.  I think I made a top for my sister from this fabric about 1996 and obviously kept the remnant for an occasion such as this.  Luckily, there was just enough for what I wanted and it was the perfect colour.  I used the georgette to make the sleeves and made a rolled hem  and stitched shirring elastic about 1cm above the hem 

I also used a raw-edge strip of georgette for the neck edge.  What you can't see very clearly is that I made a little facing and sandwiched the georgette strip between it and the front fabric (probably seen best above although it is a bit rough)

This raw-edge neck binding is more obvious below

I used another Ottobre pattern for this t-shirt (number 29 in 3/2009).

I don't know whether this t-shirt is a flop or not but it has taught me several useful lessons:
  1. a fat quarter is rarely enough fabric to complete an item of clothing except for babies
  2. if I buy more fabric than I think I need, the remnant may come in handy even years later!
  3. sometimes (surprisingly) inspiration can be found in my own wardrobe 
  4. my hoarding is not so bad and should even be encouraged….. 

Of course I did manage to sneak a few more yards of fabric in with the parcel that these pieces arrived in but I haven't decided what to make with them yet.  Nevertheless, I believe that a girl (i.e. me) can never have too much Spoonflower fabric or diamonds



  1. I love how you have combined the different fabrics in both these tops. It is something I might well have to try in my own clothes. Nice work!

  2. Fantastic! The red riding hood print looks like a Lillestoff or similar. Love the raw edge trim on the second one. it reminds me of a top of mine that I loved but stupidly washed with the Velcro baby bibs and ruined big time!