Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Floral print for the art museum trousers

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself: another Oliver + S pattern ticked off my to-do list AND with fancy welt pockets too!

My inspiration were these trousers

I thought that the Art Museum Trousers had many of the features seen on these designer trousers and, after seeing these pants on Flickr, I knew this pattern was good for a girly version.  I used a floral cotton sateen fabric I picked up recently on a trip to Tokyo

These pants were fun to make and I was impressed with how easily they came together.

The instructions for the welt pockets were thorough and the welts were straightforward to insert.  I made sure that all of the stitching lines were copied onto the fabric accurately and I ended up with even pockets.  But you would never know that looking at these pictures with everything distorted by the elastic in the back!

Of course, using really busy fabric like this hides any little imperfections.

I used Liesl's instructions for the zipper fly front.  It looks tidy but next time I won't sew quite so close to the zipper teeth on the (wearer's) left side because the zipper pull pokes out just a little at the top.  On my RTW trousers the front panel is stitched about halfway between the zipper teeth and the far edge and the zipper pull is well hidden.

And it even looks like I matched the flowers over the fly!

Now, I've just got to decide what to do with the all the other fabrics I bought in Tokyo....


  1. Straight up, I would never have made these pants. But, wow, I really like them! I love it when someone surprises me out of my beige-y fabric comfort zone. With a black sweater and some flat black shoes that would be an awesome outfit. Very nice welt pockets and incredible flower fly matching!

  2. Yeah, flower fly. That's quite some terminology. I like it.
    Can I put an order in for something similar, sans elastic waistline, in a size 26" waist?