Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The blue corduroy coat

Lincraft was having a sale and it would have been wrong not to go in, fondle the fabric, and take some home with me.  The navy corduroy reminded me of a coat pattern in Australian Smocking and Embroidery from 1994 that I have always liked


I didn't want to do any smocking (because I knew if I did, this coat would have ended up with the two smocked dresses I haven't yet finished - the first started in 2000 and the other, more recently, in 2007) so I hunted the pattern collection.

In this Japanese pattern book 


I found this coat 


So, I made the 110cm size and added pink velvet piping between the yoke and front and back pieces


pleated front panels


pleated back panel

The facings were finished with matching pink bias binding. I was going to finish all of the seams with bias binding but I am lazy, and the seams were just too bulky and didn't look as tidy as the overlocker edge finish.


And yet more pink....


Side seam pocket.  The corduroy is a deep navy, not grey like this photo.

After I attached the collar and the facings I realised that I had placed the collar all the way around the neckline and beyond the centre front marking (although if these were indicated on the pattern when I traced off the pieces, I wouldn't know!).  Because of my boo boo I wasn't able to close the coat with a decorative button at the neckline because the collar pieces overlapped.   So I sewed 3 hidden snaps to the facings instead.  

this photo is a better colour match

and 2 snaps were added to the cuffs



And when this coat was finished, I started working on a jacket for a friend's 10 year old daughter.  It is still a work in progress 


"Paris" short wool jacket 
No. 30 Ottobre 6/2007

although here is another field trip t-shirt I recently completed



  1. Oh that coat is divine. Great job, and thanks (not) for showing me a Japanese pattern book I don't have, and obviously now want/need.
    The robot knit is awesome. can I ask where you found it? I adore the Lillestoff knits but just can't get my head around the price...

  2. I think I bought this pattern book in Tokyo last year and I tried searching for it on Amazon last night but didn't see it. Hopefully you'll have better luck finding the book than I did during my quick look.
    The fabric is from the Ottobre etsy store. I agree that the prices seem high (try using the pacific peso to buy things overseas!?!) but they are very wide - around 150-170cm. I can usually get 2 kid's t-shirts out of 1m which makes the fabric seem more economical. The etsy store will also cut smaller or larger quantities if you contact them and 1/2m (or just over) may be enough to make a shirt in the extra wide fabric. The other place I have bought this fabric is from dotsnstripes.co.uk. The prices are similar (in £) and the service is really good!
    I justify buying these fabrics (for other people's kids!) by comparing the prices I would pay for a t-shirt at a fancy store and I still reckon I'm better off. And that's ignoring the fun factor of making it yourself.
    Excuse the waffle

  3. It's amazing how something plain like corduroy can look so smart when tarted up with some piping, bias binding and the right pattern. Beth from Sunnygal studio recently finished a jacket edges with overlooking in a contrasting thread and it looked very smart, like bias binding. You should check it out. Just an idea
    I do love the second jacket and the t-shirt is delightful. Once again it's the fabric choices which lift this from the ordinary