Tuesday, 19 July 2011

a fun pink skirt

I needed to make something for the younger sister of the girl I made the coat for.  I went looking through some children's clothing websites for ideas and found a very cute but simple - and probably expensive - skirt. 

This skirt from Oobi with multiple fabric layers was my inspiration for the Ottobre skirt I made.  The pattern was from 01/2007, number 15, which goes by the very original title of "skirt with flounces". 

I used 3 different pink fabrics, and added  ric rac trim at the bottom of each flounce just like the skirt above.

This is the back view.  The front is very plain.

I omitted the pockets that were on the front panel because I didn't think they were necessary and thought this skirt was busy enough without them.  I like the plain front: it is a nice contrast to the back where all the action is. 

It was fortunate Miss K was not older because when we tried the skirt on her - with all those flounces and a cloth nappy - it was one of those "does my bum look big in this?" moments... Nevertheless, Miss K seemed to like the flounces and danced around like a little princess!

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  1. This is so so cute, I kind of feel like making myself one, even though i'm an adult! lol