Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dresses for new babies and little girls

September and October are busy months for new babies.  As such, there are always things to sew at this time of the year.

My husband asked if I could sew something for one of his colleagues.  In fact, he asked if I could sew two somethings:  one with a traditional/classic fabric and the other a little more modern.  I decided to use a couple of Oliver + S patterns (now there's a surprise?!)

For the first dress I used an "oldie-but-a-goody" - the music box jumper pattern - and used a fabric that is also an "oldie" i.e. an unnamed Japanese lawn that has been in my stash for about 10 years.  I made the 6-12 month size.

I found some perfectly-matched pink mother of Pearl buttons in my button box.

back view

For the second dress I used the Oliver + S croquet dress pattern.  I have always been a little ho-hum about this pattern because it seemed more suited to "Downton Abbey" than 2013.   But I have never used this pattern before and it was sitting in my filing cabinet waiting to be put together....

I used a red floral Riley Blake fabric called sweetcakes.

Size 6-12 months

 flower button with crystal centre

close up of the bow

I was really pleased with how this turned out.  So, with this little success under my belt, I decided to tackle another pattern that I have owned for some time but was also indifferent about... the Oliver + S tea party sundress

This time, I made a size 3, lengthened to size 4, for another friend's very tall 2+ year old.  The fabric is a quilting cotton named Razzmatazz, and for some reason I had 3 yards of it...   I had to fussy cut the bodice and panels although it became very obvious that with such a busy print I couldn't be too fussy!

I used a mustard coloured fabric for the flat binding and cut the binding to 1 1/4  inches, making it a little thinner than suggested.

Close up of bodice.  I like the effect of the fabric around the neckline!

back view

Of the three dresses, I think this is my favourite and I particularly like the colours (Yes, MORE purple!!). Initially, I wasn't really sure about the flared skirt but now I like the way the skirt falls and I'm sure it will have a bit of the twirl factor that seems to be so popular/necessary in little girl's clothes.  

I also recently sewed up the new Oliver + S library dress for Rosa.  My sister said it looked like a school uniform so I added a Clarice Bean badge to the lapel.  After all, a great literary work seemed entirely appropriate for a library dress

size 4

I cut the front band and the cuffs on the bias

So, another Oliver + S pattern crossed off my list of things to sew.

That is enough for one post but there is still more sewing for babies to show!

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  1. Wow you've been busy. I remember the croquet dress being one of those "so that's how it works" kind of sews where the pattern slowly revealed itself as I went along. Love all of these and must make some more Teaparty dresses for summer....