Monday, 30 May 2011

sewing week

My sister came to visit me in early May for "sewing week".  It was a great reason for taking time off work and it was very productive: N made a quilt, 2 skirts, and a jacket from a vintage pattern; and I started 2 quilts and sewed clothing for some friends' children.

One of the items that was a hit with Miss L (almost 2) was a little fleece vest 

I also enjoyed making her several dresses

This pattern (No. 5) from Ottobre Design Winter 2003 is a favourite of mine - it goes together quickly, is a good use of remnants, and is a great little tunic to wear over leggings and a t-shirt.  This is the third time I have used this pattern for Miss L:

I also like using some fun quilting cottons for the lining

Another dress I made for Miss L was from a denim that had embroidered flowers and sequins on one selvedge.  I removed the sequins and replaced them with hot-fix rhinestones that should survive the rough-and-tumble world of a 2 year old with older brothers!  The pattern I used was from a Japanese children's pattern book.

There were also long-sleeve t-shirts and leggings

and some clothing for Miss L's brothers, including this hoodie sweatshirt for Master A (Ottobre Design Autumn 2007; No 11)

All up, I sent 14 pieces of clothing to my friends. 

And the best thing about all the sewing?  Apart from some corduroy I bought for these trousers (Ottobre Design Spring 2010; No. 13)

 and material for some funky leggings, I had everything else at home!

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  1. Nice srtart J Wo! And deat background. We are spoilt, now we will always expect 15 items per update :)