Wednesday, 19 March 2014

a little jacket made entirely from the stash

There hasn't been much time for sewing lately because work commitments have kept me out of the sewing room.  However, I managed to find a few hours on Sunday to sew up the reversible jacket from the new Oliver + S lullaby layette set pattern.

Initially, I decided I would make the bodysuit as a baby present for woman at work about to go on maternity leave.  The fabric I wanted to use needed to be pre-washed and, as the weather was miserable here, I knew it would take a few hours to get it washed and dried.  A few hours I didn't really have.  So I hunted through my stash for some fabric and found some left over from this quilt

side 1

reverse side

The fabrics are both from the Woodland series by Natalie Lymer for Cinderberry Stitches.  I used a mustard cotton (?Kona) for the bias trim.  I like it - I think it makes the jacket pop.  And it matches the fairies' wings.

Side 1with bias binding. Notice how I matched the design at the front edge!  A first time for everything

I used a Clover bias binding gizmo to make the binding.  My perfectionist tendencies were rewarded with even bias binding and stitching that looks good from both sides.  It might also have something to do with the hour it took me pressing the bias into shape, sewing at turtle speed and unpicking stitching when it went wonky.  Oh well, I think it was worth it!

reversed side bias binding

And have you noticed the snaps?  A perfect match for this teal blue!  These were also in my large collection of snaps from the Snap Source.  I love these snaps because there is so much choice in the sizes and the colours offered.  I have used these on nearly everything I have put snaps on lately and they seem to have held up to constant snapping.  I noticed today that Oliver + S are selling these snaps in their website shop in size 15 (I used the size 16 here).

I made the 12-18 month size of the jacket and think it will be great in these cotton fabrics to wrap around a baby during the warmer months.  I think next time I will use some flannel or some wool as other have recently done.  But this is definitely a pattern I will use again.

back of reverse side

back of side 1


  1. That is some seriously awesome bias binding skillz!! Noted BEFORE you pointed it out too.
    Very cute jacket.

  2. Beautiful work! I'm very impressed you made it from your stash... the colours work so well together. Great sewing skills too!